Visitors Information

Map of Rivacre Valley

Map of Rivacre Valley (click for bigger picture)

Opening Times / Accessibility
The area is open 24 hours a day and accessed from a number of locations shown on the map above. Due to problems with anti-social use of motorbikes the council installed anti-motorcycle gates may be inaccessible to larger wheelchairs. The car park by the rangers cabin shuts at 5pm however there is a lay-by on the road outside (Rivacre Road) where 2-3 cars can park up.

How to get here
The main car park is situated on Rivacre Road and this is where the rangers hut is found. From the M53 Rivacre Road can be accessed via J7 and the nearest train station is at Overpool.

We want everyone to enjoy their visit to Rivacre Valley Country Park so remember to follow some simple guidelines

· Leave plants and flowers for others to enjoy

· Cyclist, please keep to a reasonable speed and stay on the Greenway multi user route

· Please consider other visitors

· Keep dogs under control at all times

· When visiting the nature reserve please park in the designated parking areas

· Take your litter home with you

· Please take note of car park closing times

Tim at the Rangers’ Office, Rivacre Valley, Rivacre Road, Ellesmere Port, CH66 1SS (nearest house on Poole Hall Lane)
Tel: 0151 377 6338

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