The gallery is the place we’ll be showcasing the pictures of the most beautiful or interesting places in the valley taken by visitors. Please get out there, snap as many special spots as you can and let us know so we can show your work.

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The Valley kingfisher - Alf Bailey

The Valley kingfisher – Alf Bailey


Treeanosaurus‘ It isn’t a tree, but rather a lumbering Komodo dragon type dinosaur, with two thick legs supporting a long gnarled snout, beady eyes, a gaping mouth and pointy horn.

Misty Morning in Church Wood

Misty Morning in Church Wood‘ While the rest of the Valley has beautiful flowing water, Church Wood is home to ponds, offering a wholly different feel and atmosphere. As autumn moves to winter scenes like this after frequent. This scene was captured early in the morning about 5-6 am as dawn was just beginning to break.