Today we met up for our annual AGM. It has been great to look back over the past year and acknowledge everything that we’ve achieved. In Woodacre Road we planted a whole load of new trees in Spring 2017 which are looking great. We’ve also bought and installed lectern stands with useful information on as well as some great benches.

The volunteers have done a great job with the implementation of these things and, as usual, have done a fantastic job with ongoing slog against the Himalayan Balsam, Rhododendron and fly tipping – they really are an asset tot he local area and greatly appreciated by the Friends of Rivacre Valley.

We also recognised the success we had in opening up the Rangers Cabin on a Saturday morning. Local users to the area told us that they felt dismayed when they came and the cabin was closed because of a reduced ranger service so our dedicated volunteers gave up their Saturday mornings to provide a friendly informative face.

Future Intentions

The future of the Friends group is much the same – we want to do what we can to enjoy the valley ourselves and help others enjoy it, ensuring it resists development so we have such a fantastic resource now and for the future.

We are planning to continue with opening the cabin on a Saturday, with the next two dates set as the 14th and 21st of October, from 8am until midday. We’ll be offering warm cups of tea for the colder weather and sachets of bird seed. We also felt the photography competition was great last Spring so plan to have another one soon as well as organising a dawn chorus next May.

thank you all for coming to the Valley and enjoying it as much as we do,

The Friends of Rivacre Valley.

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