The valley breathes a bit easier today :)

mountain-removedOnce I joined the friends of Rivacre Valley group it was only a matter of time before I joined the volunteers group too. They meet every other Wednesday, from 10 am until they call it quits. I’ve seen their work, but never become involved before. Today I made the leap into the unknown and turned up on my own at the Rangers cabin, slightly nervous because I didn’t really know anyone.

I needn’t have worried. The volunteers that were there today made me feel welcome, chatting with me happily as we walked to Plantation Drive. Tim the Ranger had identified a fly-tipping spot that had been building up over the years and wanted to tackle it today. He gave us some gloves and a pair of glasses, went through a risk-assessment, gave us a brew and then we made our way over.

We removed a huge amount of rubbish that had been building up over the years. Most of it was fence panels, old conifer trees and concrete posts. It was a huge satisfaction to see the space clearing up as we worked and it is nice know the burden on the Valley is a bit lighter today because of us. There is still a lot of work that can be done on this particular site and I’m sure we’ll be back another day.

Some of the metal panels we brought out were in great condition and will be re-used by one of the group. Some other smaller panels, that we were putting in the rubbish heap for Streetscene, were given to a hawk-eyed resident of Plantation Drive. They will now live a happy life as part of a new garden planter, raising a bed higher so the new owner doesn’t have to bend down so much 🙂

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