Cheshire Wildlife Trust helps control Dogwood (Cornus Sanguinea)

Wildlife Trust help control local Dogwood

Wildlife Trust help control local Dogwood

Many thanks to the Wildlife trust who have helped take care of the Dogwood growth in the Rivacre Valley recently.

dogwoodDogwood can be a valued shrub and can be used to quite good effect as a landscaping tree. You will most likely have seen it regularly as you walk around – it has red twigs and produces clusters of black berries, which are a hit with the birds.

Unfortunately Dogwood can also spread quite quickly and dominates an area, inhibiting ground flora from growing. The wildlife Trust targeted the area near a pine tree not far from the Rangers Hut last Wednesday (Sept 14th 2016) during one of the regular events held with the Ranger.

How can I help?
Tim the Ranger holds events roughly every two weeks. Anyone can come along and join in, learning a few things along the way. The next one will be on Wednesday the 12th of October 2016. Find further information about volunteer days on the Volunteer page or on the link below.

Further information
Volunteering with The Ranger
General Dogwood Information

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